Meet the Neighbours: A Conversation with Miriam and Vivien

The essence of a Pegasus later living community is not just about finding a residence; it's about crafting a lifestyle tailored to luxury, wellness and security, catering to your every need. In a captivating conversation, Miriam Blum, 74, and Vivien Chappell, 81, two extraordinary individuals who found friendship at nearby development Belle Vue, share their experiences of life at a Pegasus Later Living community.

Miriam and Vivian, who independently moved into Belle Vue earlier this year, recently explored Fitzjohn’s, another development nearby in Hampstead. As they immersed themselves in the elegant spaces and cutting-edge facilities, they reflected on the transition from family homes to the warm embrace of their new lifestyle.

Miriam, who rents her apartment at Belle Vue expresses, “Renting can be a very easy way to have a taste of the lifestyle before deciding whether to buy.” Pegasus stands out in the later living market by having an exceptional rental offering as well as not imposing exit fees for homeowners, providing unparalleled financial freedom and flexibility.

Both women shared a common thread in their stories: the transition from spacious family homes to later living communities was a change well-suited to their needs. Sacrificing a large house with a garden for the convenience and amenities of a Pegasus later living community became a choice that enriched their lives.

“Fitzjohn’s and Belle Vue offer a true rarity in central London,” echoed Miriam and Vivien, praising the luxury lateral apartments and facilities like a wellness lounge and spa. Miriam and Vivien both highlight the peace of mind they experience thanks to the attentive staff and security measures at Pegasus communities, which includes a seven-day concierge service of trained staff who are there to help at any time in a discreet and personal manner. Vivien shared, “I like the fact that when I come back home at night or from a trip away, there is always a friendly face that nods, and if you need anything, the staff are only too happy to help, no matter what it is”.

Community living takes centre stage in Pegasus developments, and Miriam and Vivian are living testaments to this philosophy. Vivien says: “There is a real sense of community; we all look out for one another, which is lovely.”

Friends who have visited were impressed, considering these communities as potential future homes. As Miriam puts it, “I have friends who live nearby that come to visit, and they have been really impressed, they see the friendly faces, beautiful communal spaces and visitors enjoying themselves and could really picture themselves living here.” Pegasus understands the importance of accommodating friends and family, offering guest suites at both Belle Vue and Fitzjohn’s.

Pegasus Later Living communities stand as a testament to a life well-lived, where neighbours become friends, and each day unfolds with the promise of comfort, security, and luxury. Explore Fitzjohn’s today and discover the perfect blend of elegance and community in the heart of London.