Confident. Distinctive. Substantial. Dressed in the traditional red brick of Hampstead, with subtle shifts of tone and textural detailing. Sporting grand hexagonal bays and curved counterparts at the corners – each framing generous floor-to-ceiling windows and Parisian-style Juliet balconies.

Not one building, but two – united at ground level, but artfully divided above to reveal an enticing oasis of green within. A place at home with its neighbours and its neighbourhood – from the domesticity of its arched entrance to the blended geometry of its roofline silhouette.

Designed by the award-winning SERGISON BATES. One of the UK’s foremost architectural practices. Sensitive to place. Alive to the connection between Fitzjohn’s Avenue and Richard Norman Shaw. Inspired to fashion a contemporary take on his mansion block style, informed by Parisian Art Nouveau and the artisanal principles of Shaw’s beloved English Arts and Crafts movement.

A project that's about a personality. It's not about a formula.

“Fitzjohn’s is about fitting into its place. It sits at an important threshold between the majestic villas further down Fitzjohn’s Avenue – so exuberant and individual – and the grand mansion blocks of Hampstead Village.”

Mark Tuff, Partner

Sergison Bates

Refined. Timeless. Assured. Watchwords for the look and feel of the communal interiors and show residence of Fitzjohn’s. Devised and dressed by renowned international design studio 1508 LONDON. Inspired by Parisian Art Nouveau and the sculptural pieces of late Hampstead resident Dame Barbara Hepworth – their earthy materiality, textural richness and calmness of form. Featuring pieces by artists at work in the area today – animated, like Fitzjohn’s itself, by the creativity that seems to pave these streets.

Inspired by a rich cultural heritage; an elegantly layered composition that creates a sense of belonging.

“We wanted to capture the character of Hampstead – its rich cultural heritage and its beautifully earthy nature, the way it is raw but somehow refined at the same time.”